Tech Crunch Discrupt 2018

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We are Ruby enthusiasts
and design lovers

Software House in Poland

We are the team of enthusiasts working from great place in Poland for clients from the whole world. Great designers, business analysts, developers, marketing freaks - we have them all on board. It takes only a while to start collaborating with us.

Speak to me, baby.

In Ruby.


The best moment to start working with us, is the moment when the idea of Internet startup comes to the mind. We help to master the business plan and then lead the way to the market.


Now a days users want to see beautiful things, not usual design and use efficient tools at the same time. Our job is to meet these requirements in one product.


Either you want to create MVP or full product, prototyping and clever iterations can help to reach the goal in the shortest amount of time.


Our most favourite technology is Ruby on Rails, but we use also many other useful programming languages and tools. Everything that makes projects scalable and agile.


Even the greatest products mean nothing without users. We support our clients also after the product reaches the market.

Polish brand

Polish brand

Our company has been selected among Polish IT companies, to represent our country at various trade shows around the world. With the nominated businesses from various sectors, we aim to build solid brand of Polish.

Startup support

Some of our happy clients

Westin Hotels

What can we do for you?

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